My Three Essential Brushes From Tangle Teezer

To get amazing hair, you need an amazing brush! Good hair tools and brushes are becoming more affordable than ever but I still think that great ones are really worth the investment.
Some of my favorite hair brushes are from Tangle Teezer and today I will be talking about my top three brushes for detangling, blow drying and styling!

tangle teezer detangling brush, blow styling smoothing tool, professional finishing hairbrush

The Professional Detangling hair brush ( For Wet & Dry Hair)

tangle teezer Professional Detangling hair brush

This brush was the very first creation by Tangle Teezer! It has an interesting design of long and short teeth. The long ones help detangling whereas the short ones smooth the hair. I like how it banishes tangles easily leaving the hair feeling shiny and extremely soft too.

tangle teezer Professional Detangling hair brush purple

It comes in different cute colors and you can also customize the teeth and the brush colors on the Tangle Teezer website which is cool!

The Blow Styling Smoothing Tool (for wet hair)

tangle teezer Blow Styling Smoothing Tool for wet hair

This one is supposed to style the hair from wet to dry. It comes in two sizes and the full size one is more suitable for long hair. If you want to blow dry your hair quickly and make it look straight and soft as much as possible, than this one works great!

It has slightly flexible teeth at the tips to avoid pulling the hair. A good tip is to divide the hair into small sections, place every section evenly across the teeth and follow the brush with the hairdryer. A quick tutorial showing how to use this brush is available on the Tangle Teezer website here.

The Ultimate Finishing hairbrush (only for dry hair)

tangle teezer Ultimate Finishing hairbrush

tangle teezer Ultimate Finishing hairbrush black

This ultimate brush is created for dressing the hair. It has long teeth that are softer on the tips which helps smoothing the hair. I use it every single day and it works great at making my hair look nice and soft. I like to use it to back brush my hair too and create some volume. It can help in lightly detangling the hair too.

And that’s it! These were my three essential brushes for the moment. I am a big fan of Tangle Teezer brushes and I think that the quality of their bristles is amazing. Hairbrushs are products that you don’t buy often but you use almost daily, that’s why investing in some good ones is very important. These are definitely worth checking out!



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