Revlon Colorstay Brow Pencil Review

Revlon released their latest colorstay brow pencil a few months back and what pushed me to try it is that they included a soft black shade in the color range. As I have dark hair, I thought I would give it a try as sometimes brown pencils can look too orange and warm on me.

Revlon colorstay brow pencil

Revlon colorstay brow pencil pen

The pencil has a fat angled tip and the instructions say to use the angled side of the pencil to draw a line on top and bottom of the brows and then use the fat side to fill in the sparse areas.

Revlon colorstay brow pencil tip

The first problem with this shape is that after one use, the flat side will not be as precise as it was.  That’s why it will be hard to draw a sharp and defined line the next time you use it. You can’t get a very defined tail if that is the look that you are going for too.

Revlon colorstay brow pencil spoulie

Revlon colorstay brow pencil application

My second issue with this pencil is the formula. It is very waxy and it does not glide on smoothly. Even when I try to do very light strokes, it leaves some dark dots on the skin even after blending everything with the spoolie . You can see this in the picture down below: The dots show the most at the beginning of the brow because the formula is a little bit hard to work with if you want to get a precise application there.

Revlon colorstay brow pencil application demo

As for the color, it was a little bit dark for me. It may suit someone with very dark hair.
So overall, I think that this pencil works better to fill in sparse areas inside the brows rather than drawing lines on top and bottom of the brow. The formula is thick and very waxy. It claims to be waterproof and after testing it under the water, I can approve that it really is. Too bad that it did not work for me!
Have you tried this pencil ? What do you think about it ?
Rating: 2.5/5
AvailabilityTarget Walgreens , CVS
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9 thoughts on “Revlon Colorstay Brow Pencil Review

  1. Waxy formula? No thanks!! I purchased a similar one last year (don’t remember the brand) but I just could not use it and also too dark for me. Too bad it wasn’t like you expected it to be.
    Great review.


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